Wednesday, March 23, 2005

back in Spain

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I got 5 minutes before my library computer time runs out, so here goes! (pardon the typos)

We got back from Spain last night after a long day of traveling. What a mess with Ryan Air, and the most disorganized bus system I know, Spain. After two flights, we landed in Zaragoza, waited for 45 minutes for a bus to the downtown, walked 5 blocks from that busstop to the bus station where we'd come in before, and learned that we needed to go to another bus station to get to Pamplona (which should have been COMPLETELY obvious if I'd read the 100 xeroxed bus schedules and announcements pasted all over the station BEFORE i asked). We then walked another 15 minutes or so before we got to the other station, to just barely miss the direct bus to Pamplona. We instead got the scenic route. Yay. Bienvenidos a Espana.

Times up.


Blogger JOSHUA said...

Glad to hear you're backn Spain. Those Brits are a bunch of losers. I watched Mich. St. beat the UK in double OT last night. I did'nt even know England had a team. UNC will most certainly lose after that shameful win over Villanova. Louisville will go all the way. The red coats are coming! Anyway, have fun and be safe. Always yield to bulls. That's just good sound advice anytime. Drink some wine or whatever it is they drink over there for me.

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