Saturday, February 26, 2005

Estoy aqui

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Various blog entry titles I´ve considered this week:
In Spain, there is always one bar.
Me want thing. Thing there. Me for it.
¡Jamon Serrano!

I could explain more but what´s the wouldn´t make much sense. Not a lot here makes sense. Like how everyone works in the morning and evening, but all the shops are closed in the afternoon. ¿How do people with jobs buy groceries?

Today was my first day in my internship, and it went pretty well. People are learning to speak slowly when they talk to me, like i´m a child, because that´s about the level I speak at. But I´m managing, and I feel like I´m understanding more of what people say each time. Perhaps by the time I leave here I´ll be able to have a full-blown conversation with someone where I don´t panic when they appear to be asking me a question.

Pamplona is a pretty city, especially the old city (which is where, yes, the bulls run. They run in July. I will not see it, and that´s okay by me.). It is, however, FREEZING COLD outside. Like 20 degrees (fahrenheit. In celcius that´s below zero.) It´s snowed four times since I got here a week ago, seriously. Plus it´s windy, so it feels like death. What am I thinking, moving up North when we get back? I can´t hack this. (Plus I packed for far more temperate climes...)

Okay, Spanish keyboards drive me batty. All the letters are in the same place, but all the symbols are moved around. With extra stuff added in too. So on that note, I will sign off. Now that I´m working, I should have more regular access to ordenadores (that´s PCs to you!) and should be writing more often. Promise.

Hasta luego!


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