Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Teaching RSS Feeds Workshop

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In about 45 minutes, I'm going to be teaching a class on RSS feeds to faculty and staff at my college library. Last night, I imagined that there would be one or two people showing up for the class. It is still winter break, so the number of people on campus is limited. Plus, I have no idea how many people know what RSS is, or why they might want to know.

But when I came into work this morning, I saw the list of people who have signed up, and there are nine people. Hopefully there will be a few drop-ins too. This is really awesome.

It's funny that I'm teaching a class on a technology that I only really started to understand about 6 months ago. But it's promising - both for our library, which is trying to bridge the gap between us and the faculty, and for me, since I might become a better-known face on campus. Of course that might make it more difficult for me to surrupticiously run into the campus center for lunch and hide out with my ipod on. But then again, my ipod is yet again broken so I guess it's time to get more social on campus anyway.


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