Monday, December 19, 2005 offline!

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One of the problems with relying on web sites for data storage is when they go offline. I'd been trying to access my account yesterday and today, and finally learned why i couldn't:

Our datacenter has had full power outage, and we are now recovering from the aftermath. About half of the machines are still down and we are working on bringing them back as soon as possible. To keep things moving, I've turned off RSS and some other features so that posting will still work and so that you will still have access to your bookmarks. (link to the blog)

Eek. A funny thing to come across just after reading about the web 2.0 applications of the year, where putting one's data online is touted as the way of the future. Maybe I'm not so ready for that.

Plus, now that has been bought up by Yahoo (which has another social bookmarking tool already, My Web2.0), how do i know how long will last? I'd think that its popularity ensure some stability, but who knows.

I'm grumbly today because I think I'm getting sick. Eck.

Update (later in the day): is back up and running, but now Bloglines is down. Oh, the humanity.


Blogger Mind Valley said...

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